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People don't rent a car because they want to. They rent a car because the have to. Because of that, we are interested in why you are coming to rent a car. With that, we can help you with the right vehicle for your needs and at an affordable price. Who knows, we may be able to even go that bit extra, like the parents arriving late with their kids. We picked up some snacks so when they arrived, their kids could be taken care of too. It's just how we think - like family, for family because for us, business is personal. It's that thinking, treating you like family that we have expanded not only our pickup drop off locations , but car sales too.

Given Georgina is our home and your home, we respect that living in a small community is doing right by our neighbor's.

So, if you a car by rental or purchase, give us a call. We'll listen and look to make you happy with the right choice for you. Like Family.

With years of experience in the rental business, we have seen all seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly the car business has to offer. Whether it is sale or finance management we Whether it is rental, sales or finance management we have seen all the tactics used to confuse and take advantage of a customer who is simply trying to get dependable transportation sot he can meet the needs of their lives. What we found was that there are some large truths to the negative stigmas that are attached to car dealers.

We had a family member get taken advantage of while purchasing a vehicle, between hidden fees, games, etc., our family member lost over $5,000.00. Finally, we said, “enough is enough”. We realized there is a dire need to provide an honest and ethical automotive solution to the people in Sutton and the Georgina area. It was clear at that point that if someone was going to offer the public compassionate and ethical ways to purchase or rent a vehicle, it must be the US.

The best car rental specialists in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill

As a company aimed at providing best car rental service in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, we at affordablecarrental.ca, continue to step up on the ladder of success and excellence in becoming one of the major key players in the automotive and truck rental industry today.

Through years of continuously seeking success, we continue to provide quality and new car rental packages and deals that will suit the needs of varying markets. Our widely used car rental packages and services were highly patronized by both local and international clients.

In order to grow our relationship with our existing customers as well as attract and retain new ones, we further envision ourselves as the best car rental specialists that will level up and even exceed customers’ satisfaction.

We maintain our good credibility by continuously providing quality and new car rental service to our clients. Their good and satisfactory testimonies and referrals as well as the high percentage of repeat business with us will continue to be evidences of us being one of the widely used car rental business in the industry.

Furthermore, our most used car rental services in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, will continue to expand in more different locations.

As a one of the best car rental companies in town, we continue to embrace innovation in order to provide new car rental deals and packages that will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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We strive on servicing the automotive and truck rental markets from both our local and international customers. Using our skill and expertise we will exceed our customers' expectations and provide them excellent value. In addition, we will promote sustainable growth for our company and our environment.



We will be a leader in the local car rental market by providing our customers excellent value for money. We will continue to grow our relationship with existing customers, and also attract and retain new customers.



Our business began with a vision of expanding and complementing our twenty two year group of family businesses in the automotive sector. A young entrepreneur began Affordable Car &Truck Rental with seven cars. Today we have grown to be a major car rental provider at Toronto's Pearson International, local markets, and insurance replacements.

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Clients' Testimonials

Shout out to the best car rental place in Brampton. The customer service was exceptional. I told the Iady i needed the car for an interview in London Ontario and she was very understanding. She went out of her way to accommodate me on such short notice. Also, their “below 25” charges are very affordable and so is eveverything else, hence the name.

Shirley Matingo – Brampton Ontario

My husband and I were in a car accident and thankfully we were referred to Affordable Car & Truck Rentals They were understanding; customer service came with a smile and our van we rented was awesome! After we got our car back, we have rented from them several times after Very happy customer!

Natasha Saunders – Brampton, Ontario

I have been a customer of Affordable for many years now. To me there isn't much difference between cars from car rental companies but what sets them apart is there exceptional customer care and customer service! They are polite, professional and really care about the customer!

Marcin Kajko – Keswick, Ontario

This has been my favourite and preferred place to rent a car for several years now! I always come back whenever I am looking to rent a car because I feel secure in knowing that not only do I get a good deal for my money but the service provided is friendly, trustworthy and efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Melody Brito-Martins Paris, France

I visit Toronto once every summer, I have been using Affordable Car &Truck Rental for five years and will continue to give them my business. They have great service, nice clean cars, and great prices!

B.Nikaein, London, United Kingdom

I use Affordable Car Rental as my rental company anytime I need a car for business or personal, I know I will receive the best service each and every time . Thanks again Affordable.

S.Malone Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I phoned Affordable Car &Truck Rental not only do they have good customer service their rates were unbeatable.I rented a car for a week since mine was in the shop for repairs, I will always use Affordable Car Rental and recommend them to all my friends.

C.Plourde, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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