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The best car rental specialists in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill

As a company aimed at providing best car rental service in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, we at, continue to step up on the ladder of success and excellence in becoming one of the major key players in the automotive and truck rental industry today.

Through years of continuously seeking success, we continue to provide quality and new car rental packages and deals that will suit the needs of varying markets. Our widely used car rental packages and services were highly patronized by both local and international clients.

In order to grow our relationship with our existing customers as well as attract and retain new ones, we further envision ourselves as the best car rental specialists that will level up and even exceed customers’ satisfaction.

We maintain our good credibility by continuously providing quality and new car rental service to our clients. Their good and satisfactory testimonies and referrals as well as the high percentage of repeat business with us will continue to be evidences of us being one of the widely used car rental business in the industry.

Furthermore, our most used car rental services in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, will continue to expand in more different locations.

As a one of the best car rental companies in town, we continue to embrace innovation in order to provide new car rental deals and packages that will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.



We strive on servicing the automotive and truck rental markets from both our local and international customers. Using our skill and expertise we will exceed our customers' expectations and provide them excellent value. In addition, we will promote sustainable growth for our company and our environment.


We will be a leader in the local car rental market by providing our customers excellent value for money. We will continue to grow our relationship with existing customers, and also attract and retain new customers.


Our business began with a vision of expanding and complementing our twenty two year group of family businesses in the automotive sector. A young entrepreneur began Affordable Car &Truck Rental with seven cars. Today we have grown to be a major car rental provider at Toronto's Pearson International, local markets, and insurance replacements.


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A customer flew into Toronto from New Zealand(24-hr flight) with three younger children the time was 8:30PM which is after hours we still offered to pick the customer up from the airport.

We noticed the children were telling their parents they were hungry so we offered to stop into the Macdonald's and have them pick up dinner for their children instead of waiting to eat at a later time. The customer could not thank us enough.

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Head Office: 24795 Woodbine Ave Unit 2 Keswick, ON L4P 3E9
Pick-up Drop Off Location: 225 Advance Blvd Unit 14 Brampton ON

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