What You Should Know About Car Rental In Canada

 What You Should Know About Car Rental In Canada

Are you heading to Canada and looking to rent a car there? As a tourist, you can usually rent a vehicle and drive with a valid driver’s licence from your home country. An international licence may help convince the car rental agent that your licence is valid and you are a trusted state resident. For United States residents, car rentals in Richmond Hill may seem very similar to the ones they are already used to. But there are some key things to remember as you head north of the border. Continue reading about various things to remember when going for a car rental. 

5 Things You Should Know Before Going For Car Rental In Canada

You must usually be at least 20 or 21 years old to rent a car. Only Quebec allows driving permits to 18 years and above-age travellers. According to various insurance companies, drivers under 25 get into more accidents than other age groups. That’s why you must check all the rules and regulations before going for a discount car rental in Toronto. Let’s read about things you need to know before renting a car in Canada. 

1. Watch Out For Any Possible Additional Fees! 

You must be 21 years old to rent a car as a tourist in Canada! You might be charged an added “Young Renter Fee” if you are between 21 and 24 years old. Always be aware of the fees you might be charged for a car rental. Any one-way drop-off fees? Some car companies allow one-way car rentals with no additional charge, but you should double-check if they charge extra beforehand. Are there any hidden service taxes that you are liable to pay? Is insurance inclusive of the car rental price? These are some of the fees you must consider before going for a car rental. 

2. Which Car Type To Choose In Canada

The enormous rental businesses offer a broad range of vehicles, from economy cars to large luxury models. Most rental cars in Toronto have an automatic transmission. Plan your trip on a prior basis, see what kind of roads you’ll be driving, and check if you need a 4WD. 4WD is not essential for road-tripping across Canada. However, if you’re planning to drive the backcountry roads, you might need 4WD. Moreover, you should pick a convenient car for you and your family. 

3. Driving Rules In Cities And On Highways

Understanding driving rules and car rentals in cities and highways is essential. Driving in Canada can be a complex task for tourists. Here are some general rules you should always keep an eye on when searching for a reliable and trusted car rental company:

  • Everyone in the car requires to have a seat belt on.
  • The use of mobile phones is forbidden for the driver unless one has a hands-free device.
  • Any child between 10-18 kg should be secured in a forward-facing child seat.
  • The speed is measured in km/h, and you need to drive on the right side.
  • If two or more people are in the car, you can use a particular HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicles).

4. Parking Rules In Canadian Cities

Leaving the car at a parking lot and enjoying the attractions on foot is recommended when you are in the city. Always gain insights on some significant parking rules before going for a car rental. Parking can be confusing at first. Read all the signs; they usually say when and where you can park. When you find an empty spot, ensure to find the closest parking meter, where you will need to type in your license plate and the parking spot number. Try to park under a “P” sign. It indicates municipal parking, and it is generally the best option.

5. Check For Gas Stations In Canada

Gas is vital to enjoying your trip without any issues. You must keep a record of a gas station on your way. It will help you to avoid the situation of no fuel. Some gas stations work 24/7 on big highways, and most petrol stations are open from 8 AM to 10 PM. However, some stations in small towns might close at 6 PM. Gas stations are found regularly between cities. Additionally, it is recommended that you fuel up in advance before going to remote areas. 

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