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Travel can be exhausting, especially if you are travelling from country to country or from a far location to another. Travelling with the family and with kids makes it more a lot draining. Thus, many travelers often go for car rental service to assist them in all their travel needs. However, with the many car rental specialists today, especially in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, it is hard to find the best company that will attend to your needs.

We, at affordablecarrental.ca, understand your needs when it comes to affordable and quality car rental service. Thus, we aimed at providing the best and excellent economy car rental services and deals in town.

We have a wide variety of economy car rental deals that will suit your varying needs. We also have a large selection of vehicles, from luxury sedans to roomy vans, depending on your preference. As one of the leading car rental specialists in Toronto, Brampton, North York, Mississauga, and Richmond Hill, you are assured of the affordability of our service.

As one of the most credible car rental specialists in town, we make sure to attend to every need of our client. We provide the benefit of free pick-up and drop-off from airport to your destination no matter what time it is. We also have well-experienced and knowledgeable staff that are well-trained to provide high quality economy car rental service.

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Our customers have exclusive benefits, free pick-up and drop-off from Pearson Airport no matter what time it is

A customer visited us for three months from another country; we dropped the customer to the airport with all his luggage and children.

The customer called us about an hour after and said he was not allowed to take a box of clothing into the country since he exceeded the amount of luggage someone could take.

He called us very frantic, we offered to pick up the luggage bring it back to our office so that his brother in Toronto could pick it up the next day.

Large Selection of Vehicles

Large Selection of Vehicles

From our luxury sedans to our roomy vans. We have vehicles that will fit your budget.

Our large selection of Vehicles will leave you open to choose any car you feel is right for you along with the affordable price you desire.

Read Why Affordable is Different

Read Why Affordable is Different

A customer flew into Toronto from New Zealand(24-hr flight) with three younger children the time was 8:30PM which is after hours we still offered to pick the customer up from the airport.

We noticed the children were telling their parents they were hungry so we offered to stop into the Macdonald's and have them pick up dinner for their children instead of waiting to eat at a later time. The customer could not thank us enough.

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Clients' Testimonials

Shout out to the best car rental place in Brampton. The customer service was exceptional. I told the Iady i needed the car for an interview in London Ontario and she was very understanding. She went out of her way to accommodate me on such short notice. Also, their “below 25” charges are very affordable and so is eveverything else, hence the name.

Shirley Matingo – Brampton Ontario

My husband and I were in a car accident and thankfully we were referred to Affordable Car & Truck Rentals They were understanding; customer service came with a smile and our van we rented was awesome! After we got our car back, we have rented from them several times after Very happy customer!

Natasha Saunders – Brampton, Ontario

I have been a customer of Affordable for many years now. To me there isn't much difference between cars from car rental companies but what sets them apart is there exceptional customer care and customer service! They are polite, professional and really care about the customer!

Marcin Kajko – Keswick, Ontario

This has been my favourite and preferred place to rent a car for several years now! I always come back whenever I am looking to rent a car because I feel secure in knowing that not only do I get a good deal for my money but the service provided is friendly, trustworthy and efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Melody Brito-Martins Paris, France

I visit Toronto once every summer, I have been using Affordable Car &Truck Rental for five years and will continue to give them my business. They have great service, nice clean cars, and great prices!

B.Nikaein, London, United Kingdom

I use Affordable Car Rental as my rental company anytime I need a car for business or personal, I know I will receive the best service each and every time . Thanks again Affordable.

S.Malone Brampton, Ontario, Canada

I phoned Affordable Car &Truck Rental not only do they have good customer service their rates were unbeatable.I rented a car for a week since mine was in the shop for repairs, I will always use Affordable Car Rental and recommend them to all my friends.

C.Plourde, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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