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Large Selection of Vehicles

From our luxury sedans to our roomy vans. We have vehicles that will fit your budget.

Our large selection of Vehicles will leave you open to choose any car you feel is right for you along with the affordable price you desire.


Why Us?

A customer flew into Newmarket from New Zealand(24-hr flight) with three younger children the time was 8:30PM which is after hours we still offered to pick the customer up from the airport.

We noticed the children were telling their parents they were hungry so we offered to stop into the Macdonald's and have them pick up dinner for their children instead of waiting to eat at a later time. The customer could not thank us enough.


Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa

Starting from $57.99 /Per Day

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

Starting from $67.99 /Per Day

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu

Starting from $77.99 /Per Day

Dodge Caravan

Dodge Caravan

Starting from $115.99 /Per Day

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Starting from $125.99 /Per Day

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue

Starting from $110.99 /Per Day


  • Exceptional customer service
  • Family Owed Business
  • Large Selections of Vehicles
  • Fastest and Easiest Checkout
  • Unique Rental to fix your needs


Quality and affordable car rental service in Georgina (Sutton, Keswick, Pefferlaw and Richmond Hill)

Car Rental Service

We recognize there are several reasons people rent cars. Even interested in the why, we are here for the how, what, when and where!

Our interest is personal. Our rentals are an investment in your experience. As we would want for our family, we want your experience to be only positive.

If you share why you are renting, we will do our best to meet your interest in a car rental at this time beyond just the car. We are happy to be helpful as best we can. That’s what family does for family and neighbours for neighbours.

Georgina is our home and we want you to feel welcome here.

Car Collision and need a In an insurance replacement Rental?

We work with the local collision repair companies in town. When your car is out of commission being restored, we want to help you get around as quickly as possible.

Maintaining close ties with our local collision repair companies means we can be responsive to your needs. Truth is, we want to make the collision repair company look good as well as provide you a service experience that speaks well of us.

We want both to be happy and therein is the secret to our performance, our obligation to the companies who refer to us as well as you the customer even when billing to your insurance companies.

Because we care:

  • We’ll pick you up - have a car at your body shop.
  • We bill directly to your insurance company. No cost to you.
  • Not sure how long you'll need the rental? No problem. No early return fees and our rates are valid until your vehicle is repaired. We know that the average vehicle collision repair is about two weeks. Just let us know when you are finished with the rental and we’ll see you get a ride to your car.

In for repairs and still need to get around?

This kind of rental is typically out of pocket. Affordability may be your interest. With a range of cars to choose from, we can meet your needs respectful of your wallet.

We also appreciate this may be an unexpected expense, one not within your budget yet still necessary. Let us know. We will do our best to get you going at a cost that is manageable.

We get how life can sometimes be scary and throw curveballs. We want to be part of your team to help catch you. After all, we are part of this community and neighbours are mindful of neighbours. 

Holiday excursion?

You may need a car to enjoy a getaway. Not owning a car doesn’t mean you still can’t take a drive be it to enjoy the local scenery for a day or extended vacation and road trip.

Having that car means you get to be independent and enjoy whatever your destination may offer. Let our car be your travel companion.

For some, that destination may be local. You may have come to our part of the world by RV and  need something smaller to manage those local out trips.

We’re here for a fast and easy transaction so your time in our community can be better spent enjoying what our community has to offer. We’re even happy to point out some local opportunities whether it’s our beaches or great eateries, or in the winter, the fun of a frozen lake.

We take pride on our community and are pleased when you can enjoy it too.



Such a great experience! I had to put my car in for repair unexpectedly, and needed a rental a.s.a.p. I had to get to work! Zaheeda was so helpful! I needed an extra day rental as my car wasn't ready, it was no problem! Pick up and drop off was a breeze. Highly recommend! Oh, the price is very fair, too! My family and I will be using them in the future for when we have car rental needs.

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– Mailyne Aspilla-Sherratt - Keswick, Ontario

Shout out to the best car rental place in Keswick. The customer service was exceptional. I told the Iady i needed the car for an interview in London Ontario and she was very understanding. She went out of her way to accommodate me on such short notice. Also, their “below 25” charges are very affordable and so is eveverything else, hence the name.

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– Shirley Matingo – Keswick Ontario

My husband and I were in a car accident and thankfully we were referred to Affordable Car & Truck Rentals They were understanding; customer service came with a smile and our van we rented was awesome! After we got our car back, we have rented from them several times after Very happy customer!

Client Logo
– Natasha Saunders – Keswick, Ontario

I have been a customer of Affordable for many years now. To me there isn't much difference between cars from car rental companies but what sets them apart is there exceptional customer care and customer service! They are polite, professional and really care about the customer! I would recommend them in a heart beat!!

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– Marcin Kajko – Keswick, Ontario

Best place to go to!! Thank you for all your help!! Very understanding and willing to work with me! Highly recommended to others!!

Client Logo
– Simone Tate – Keswick, Ontario

This has been my favourite and preferred place to rent a car for several years now! I always come back whenever I am looking to rent a car because I feel secure in knowing that not only do I get a good deal for my money but the service provided is friendly, trustworthy and efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Client Logo
– Melody Brito-Martins Paris, France

I was in Newmarket for 3 moths, and could not find a good rate for a car - until I found Affordable Car Rental - what a professional and friendly service - with excellent rates! My days for searching for car rentals in Newmarket are over-I know this is the car rental I will be recommending to everyone and using myself I am in Canada again!

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– Fawad Sultan Khwaja, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I visit Newmarket once every summer,I have been using Affordable Car &Truck Rental for five years and will continue to give them my business. They have great service, nice clean cars, and great prices!

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– B.Nikaein, London, United Kingdom

I use Affordable Car Rental as my rental company anytime I need a car for business or personal, I know I will receive the best service each and every time . Thanks again Affordable.

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– S.Malone Keswick, Ontario, Canada

I was new to Canada,Affordable Car Rental was introduced to me y a friend of mine and he too was a previous customer. They are with me since 2009 and their dealings as well as their services were excellent, especially, their rental rates were really AFFORDABLE . Good Luck Guys

Client Logo
– Dr. Cherian Thomas Keswick, Ontario ,Canada

I phoned Affordable Car &Truck Rental not only do they have good customer service their rates were unbeatable.I rented a car for a week since mine was in the shop for repairs, I will always use Affordable Car Rental and recommend them to all my friends.

Client Logo
– C.Plourde, Keswick, Ontario, Canada

Over 75% of our customers come from referrals or repeat business

Family Owned & Operated

Thank you for visiting we know you have many choices and are pleased you have given us the opportunity to serve you. We are a family owned business with a wealth of experience in the car rental industry.

We will ensure you get the best service and deal in town. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist in any way possible to ensure your experience with us is positive and unforgettable. Scroll through our site and I urge you to visit our customer testimonial page see what previous customers are saying about us.

Let our family serve yours. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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As one of the leading affordable car rental providers in Newmarket, Sutton, Ontario, Sutton, and Richmond Hill, is committed in providing the best automotive and truck rental services both for local and international markets.

Our excellent and quality service is known to exceed customers’ expectations when it comes to payless car rental.

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