We love supporting our community and our involvement comes out of our experience with people organically. We are curious about our customers and how they are doing.

It is through this interest that we learned of seniors in our community living paycheck to paycheck, still needing to rent a car, living isolated and even lacking nutritious meals. Together we not only came up with a strategy to make rentals affordable, but we also facilitated a senior’s group and a meal delivery program. Then there were the single mom’s we came to know. On their behalf we organized a breakfast program.

As we come to know the people we serve and learn of any struggles, we just seek to respond as humanly as possible wherever we can.

We don’t subscribe to the phrase “giving back”. To us that implies having to receive first. We just believe in giving whether it is our time, services or other resources. That’s what good neighbours do.

So, doing well for others is just an extension of who we are and an investment in the kind of communitywe love to live in.

When you do well, we all do well.